Digital Background Secrets

You can learn how to create professional portraits using the power of digital backgrounds and Adobe Photoshop. Plus you receive a bundle of professional digital backgrounds to get you started.

You can create professional portraits with your very own digital backgrounds and save $1000's of dollars in studio lighting and canvas backdrops.

Using the power of Adobe Photoshop, you can add that professional touch to your portraits with your own digital backgrounds in a matter of minutes.

Digital Background Secrets

Seven Video Lessons

After watching these seven videos, you will be able to create amazing portraits. The fourth video will show you how to create a soft focus effect that adds a professional touch to portrait photography. Digital Background Secrets is your answer to creating amazing portraits.

The bonus video (video # 7) shows some exordinary techniques to merge an extraction into the digital background. I found this video very helpful to eliminate the thin lines around an extraction, especially in the hair area.

But that's not all. You will also receive Graffiti Grunge Digital Background Set, Colorful Window Digital Background Set, Saratoga Afternoon Digital Background Set, Golden Walkway Digital Background Set and Special Photography PDF Learning Documents.

You can preview Digital Background Secrets and see the value for yourself.

Digital Background Secrets

Here is What You Get!

1. You get seven video tutorials

Digital Background Secrets
  • Basic Lighting For Perfect Extractions
  • Creating High Key Portraits
  • Extractions and Portrait Finishing Techniques
  • Extractions and Background Creation Techniques
  • Creating The Center Spot (Soft Focus) Effect
  • Creating Unique Borders That Separate The Image
  • Bonus Extraction Technique Using Green Screen

2. You get five sets of digital backgrounds

  • Two Practice Images and Digital Backgrounds
  • Graffiti Grunge Digital Background Set
  • Colorful Window Digtial Background Set
  • Saratoga Afternoon Digtial Background Set
  • Golden Walkway Digital Background Set

3. Special Photography PDF Learning Documents

  • Basic Terminology
  • Composition 101 Guide
  • Good Habits Guide
  • Common People Issue Tips

Digital Background Secrets

Digital Background Secrets will change the way you create professional portraits.

Digital Background Secrets


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