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Developing a creative edge to your photography is one way to grab people's attention. Trick Photography and Special Effects will show you how to take amazing pictures that capture your audience.

I have created this website to record all the information that has helped me to develop a creative edge to photography.

Hopefully, digital photography for beginners will inspire you to be creative in your photography.


Backgrounds For Photoshop: Backgrounds For Photoshop are a collection of digital backgrounds which can be used as backgrounds or backdrops for portrait photography.

Blue Sky Photos: You want to take astonishing blue sky photos! Here are some tips that will help you take amazing blue sky photos with your digital SLR camera.

Create Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop: Create Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop is an ebook that explains how to create and use digital backgrounds to improve your portrait photography skills.

Depth of Field Definition: Depth of Field Definition explains an important element in creative photography. When you understand this concept, you will take shunning photographs.

Digital Background Secrets: Digital Background Secrets will show you how to create professional portraits with your very own digital backgrounds. This method is absolutely brilliant.

Digital Photographs: Digital Photographs are an ever-growing collection of photographs from my digital camera. As a beginning photographer, these digital photographs show that even beginners can take great creative images.

Digital Photography For Beginners: Digital Photography For Beginners provides digital photography tips that will help you take great, creative photographs.

DSLR Camera Reviews: DSLR Camera Reviews present an overview of Nikon DSLR Cameras, Canon DSLR Cameras, Olympus DSLR Cameras, Sony DSLR Cameras and Pentax DSLR Cameras.

Earn $300 a Week With Your Digital Camera: Earn 300 a Week With Your Digital Camera explains how you can use your photographs to make a reasonable weekly income.

Glossary of Photography Terms: Glossary of photography terms is a brief summary of photography terms, such as: aperture, shutter speed, exposure mode, metering mode, autofocus, etc. etc. Digital Photography Glossary will give you an overview of some of the most important terms in photography.

How To Make Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop: How To Make Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop provide step-by-step instructions for creating digital backgrounds for your portrait photography.

How To Take Blue Sky Photos: Have you ever wondered how photgraphers take amazing blue sky photos? It's not that difficult, really! How to take blue sky photos provide some tips to help you take amazing blue sky photos.

Learn Photoshop Now In Just Two Hours: Learn Photoshop Now in Just Two Hours is a step-by-step video tutorial program that helps you to master the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

Noisy Miner Birds Australia: Noisy Miner Birds Australia presents a brief overview of the Noisy Miner's description, habitat, location and their behaviours. The Noisy Miners is a welcomed addition to the bird colonies in local backyards, gardens and parklands.

Photography and Photoshop: Photography and Photoshop go hand in hand. With Adobe Photoshop, you can create spectacular images from your digital photography. It is only a matter of learning the techniques from Photoshop.

Photography Masterclass: Photography Masterclass by Evan Sharboneau is a collection of 29 videos totalling nearly 12 hours of extraordinary training that will give you great information in order to get the most out of any DSLR camera.

Rules of Composition in Photography: Rules of Composition in Photography are intuitive guidelines that you ponder every time you take a photograph.

Six Important Settings on Your Digital Camera: Understanding the six important settings on your digital camera will help you develop the creative edge in your photography.

1500 Stock Photos: Over 1500 Premium Stock Photos for an insane price. These Stock Photos are Royalty Free Images. You can use them on your website or your clients websites.

The Digital Photography Shop: The Digital Photography Shop has a selection of Digital SLR Cameras, Lenses and Accessories for all your photography needs.

Trick Photography: Trick Photography is the ultimate guide of tricks, techniques and ideas that create mind-twisting images.

Trick Photography and Special Effects: Trick Photogaphy and Special Effects is 192 pages of information and detailed explanations of special effect techniques, which will inspire you to a higher level of creative photography.

10 Creative Photographs: I have always liked photography but recently I have decided to learn more about creative photography. 10 Creative Photographs is the result of this endeavour.

10 Photographs With Photoshop Sketch: 10 Photographs with photoshop sketch show the creative effects of photoshop. Creating sketches from adobe photoshop can be as easy as thirteen steps.

10 Shallow Depth of Field Photographs: Creating shunning photographs with shallow depth of field photography! Here are 10 shallow depth of field photographs.

Creative Helps For Beginners

My passion is to make photographs rather than take photographs. In other words, I want to be creative in my digital photography.

I have taken several courses to gain a very good working knowledge of my Nikon D7000 Digital Camera (recent purchase). With those courses, I have learned much about lenses and their uses.

I have purchased some great products with a creative edge to digital photography. I am still learning from these products.

Trick Photography and Special Effects

Trick Photography and Special Effects

Trick Photography and Special Effects was the first product I purchased to help me or should I say to inspire me to be creative with digital photography.

Evan Sharboneau has put together a very popular product. I have used many of his ideas to take great creative photographs.

Some ideas that I appreciated from this product were: long exposure effects, light painting and HDR photography.

Long exposure effects will help you to take great night photographs and those misty waterfall photographs. Light painting will help you take mysterious night shots. To read more...

Digital Background Secrets 2.0

Digital Background Secrets 2.0

Another very popular product that I purchased and found to be very useful was Digital Background Secrets 2.0.

You will need Adobe Photoshop if you intend to purchase Digital Background Secrets. Adobe Photoshop and digital photography go hand in hand and this product shows you why?

Digital Background Secrets helped me to understand the process of extracting a portrait image from one photograph and placing it on a digital background. This is all done with video tutorials and is very easy to follow. I now create all my own digital backgrounds in Adobe Photoshop.

There are some amazing techniques explained in these seven video tuturials. To read more...

Sell Your Digital Photos

Sell Your Digital Photos

You have heard people say that a picture paints a thousand words. For some savvy individuals, pictures can also earn big money.

Selling pictures is big business these days. We live in a commercial world where images are used to promote all kinds of products.

A few clever individuals have caught onto this and these people are taking photos and earning big bucks.

If you want to earn money from your images, click the following link for more information - Making Money Selling Digital Photos.


Getting Paid Taking Pictures

Learn Photo Editing

Fro Knows Photo

Photography Masterclass